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Top 10 New Ideas You Can Do With Slide, Negative, Photo Scans

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Spend time with your family watching your dad's slides.

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Teach your kids the names of past relatives from those old negatives you found in the attic.

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Consumer Awareness Guide To Scanning Services eBook

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Surprise your mom by showing her old wedding photos on your HDTV as a slideshow movie.

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Go back to the house you grew up in.

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Did your parents buy the same gifts so you guys wouldn't fight?

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Was your grandpa a joke-ster too?!

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Did your dad also let you help him out, no matter what it was?

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Your prom wasn't THAT long ago ...was it?

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You'll be delighted to spend time with your family and watch your slide, negative, and photo scans together. All scans are personally fixed in Photo Shop and guaranteed 100%

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Scanning isn't about about "preserving". Your photos sat in your closet "preserving"... and so will your digital images on your computer.

Scanning is about recording your family history... it's about sharing that history with future generations... it's about spending time with loved ones looking at your family story.

Get scanning so you can...

1. Look back at past accomplishments. You've put in a lot of significant time and energy into your career, family, and health. But maybe you're so busy, you don't have time to realize how far you've come. Look back at old slides and photos of when you were just scratching a living... the first time you met your wife or husband... when you lived in that tiny apartment. Why? Because it will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

2. Record your family history. What about your parents? What were they like in their younger years? They went through the same trials and successes as you did. Look back at what they were like in their 20's.

3. Share this family story with your kids. Instead of spending Friday nights playing video games or on the cell phone, have your kids do this: Spend time together by the HDTV and look through your scans. Show your kids your childhood home. Tell them what it was like growing up in the 50's and 60's. This is an amazing family bonding experience.

4. Forgot the names of past relatives? Do you have old negatives and you have no idea who's in them? Go through them with your family, and try to figure out who those people were. Maybe even visit your relatives' home country. Bring your scans. Find out where they lived.... how they lived!

5. Need an idea for your dad's next birthday party? Take his old slides, and create a slide show movie showing the decades of his life. Start from when he was just a boy, up to the man he is today.

6. Need an idea for your parent's anniversary? Secretly take your moms wedding photo album, and create a photo book.

7. Surprise your sister by secretly taking her old high-school photos, scan them, and put them online. OK... maybe don't share them with the world. But you can easily email the digital images to her.

8. Did you inherent your dad's slides? But you don't have room for all those carousels? Once your slides are digital, you won't feel bad about leaving them in storage.

9. What about Christmas, holidays, family reunions? What's a family activity you can do that's entertaining and a great bonding experience? That's right! Scan your old memories and share them during the party.

10. Most important reason: Your slides, negatives, photos are NOT just a bunch of random images. These are your memories, your story, your history. By scanning them you are recording them so future generations will remember your name.

If you want to record your family history, and spend time with your loved ones looking at old slides, negatives, and photos on your computer or HDTV, here's what to do...

How To Scan Your Slides, Negatives, Photos Into Digital So You Can Record Your Family Story For Future Generations

Hey, it's Konrad. First time here? Great! Here's 3 ways I'm going to help help you with your slide, negative, photo scanning project...

1. Read This Before You Hire Any Scanning Service

Read this Free Report: Consumer Awareness Guide To Scanning Services. You'll learn...

How to make a smart buying decision by getting a behind-the-scenes look on how scan companies work

7 Questions to ask before you commit all your slides, negatives, photos

4 Recommendations on how to find a company you can trust

Click here to get your Free Report now...

2. Get Free Scanning Tips

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Maybe you're the DIY type, and want to save $1000's... but you're not sure how to get quality scans. No worries, my friend! In this guide, I share with you all my "scan secrets". You'll learn...

What scanner to buy, or use the one you got to get excellent quality scans

An easy, step-by-step guide on how to fix your scans

More expert advice – all free!

Click here to get free slide, negative, photo scanning tips...

3. Why Hire Me To Transfer Your Slides, Negatives, Photos Into Digital?

I have to admit something to you... It takes me a long time to finish a scan project. And I only accept 3 – 4 client's a month.


Because I love scanning. I love fixing your scans in Photoshop. And I love doing a good job.

My focus is on quality and not speed. There are scanning services that will be happy to offer you cheap-o scans. But not me.

I've been doing this since 2005. I have 2 offices (one in Toronto and one in Calgary). I'm telling you this because there are a lot of families and organizations that don't want fast, quick scans. They hire me because my attention to detail, and making sure you get exactly what you expect.

Here's an example of what you'll get...

Every scan is personally fixed in Photoshop by me

This means the colours will look natural and details will look sharp

There's no point of recording your family history if the scans look worse than the originals

Because I value my name and reputation I don't use short cuts and I guarantee my work 100%

In fact, if you're not satisfied you may keep your scans and not pay – it's that simple

Your scans will be saved by custom file and folder name

This means you can search for names, dates, and places really fast

Sound good? Here's your next step:
Click below on each link to learn more about pricing, and how it all works...

Slide Scanning Services

slide negative photo scanning

Did you inherit your dad's slides? Scan them and...

Spend time with your kids and show them your younger years

Make a slide show movie of every decade of your dad or mom's life

And show these images on your next big family event

Click here for slide scan pricing and info...

Negative Scanning Services

slide negative photo scanning

Not sure who or what's in those negatives?

Relive your world-wide trip you took during your younger years

Find out what's in those old box of negatives you found in the attic

Spend time with your family watching forgotten memories as a slideshow

Click here for negative scan price and info...

Photo Scanning Services

slide negative photo scanning

When was the last time you opened your wedding photos?

Scan your wedding album and create a photo book

Do the same with your mom's wedding photo album

Don't let your albums just sit on your shelf neglected

Click here for photo scan pricing and info...

If You Don't Like Your Scans, Keep Them!
My 100% Scan Guarantee

I mentioned that I personally fix your scans. This means my NAME and REPUTATION is on every scan. Saying that, I will always back up my work. If for any reason you don't like your scans, you will not be charged. No questions asked. It's that simple.

Thanks for visiting!

It doesn't matter if you want to find a scanning service in your area, want a DIY scan project, or if you want to hire me... I'll be your "digital image consultant". I'll help you get your pictures into digital so you can record your history and someday share this story with future generations!

For details on price and more info, please click on each link...

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Slide Scanning Price | Negative Scanning Price | Photo Scanning Price

Your friend,

Who Else Hired For Scanning Services?

"If you value your pictures, then I'd trust Konrad and his team at to do a superb job scanning them into digital."

- Steve White. Photographer for the Canadian Football League, and Canadian Associated Press.


"Very pleased with your work, Konrad. Thank you."

- Dave Oxley. Freelance photographer who's been hired by bands such as Rush and The Tragically Hip.

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Here's a few clients who have chosen our high-end scanning services...

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